Total Rope Works New Zealand



8mm – (MBL 8,300kgs)

10mm – (MBL 9,700kgs

12mm – (MBL 15,300kgs)


STRAWLINE: STEALTH FIBER, is a proven replacement for wire rope in key applications where STRENGTH, WEIGHT and SAFETY are important, At only 1/7th the weight of wire, it requires less effort to handle and can significantly reduce injuries attributed to the logging industry.

Longer lengths of STRAWLINE can be moved in fewer trips, which improves efficiency and lessens fatigue in loggers in day to day logging operations.

Recognized as the standard for single braid HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) ropes STEALTH FIBER is easily spliced and inspected. These features, with superior wear and flex fatigue of SUPER 12 fiber and abrasion resistant coating, are combined in a torque-free 12 strand single braid design. The result is an industry leading braided synthetic STRAWLINE that can out last wire rope.