Winch Lines

Winch Lines

Marlow’s range of specially designed Dyneema® ropes provide solutions for all winching and recovery scenarios and all types of vehicles from recreational off-road 4x4 to commercial and military vehicle recovery.

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D12 78

For larger winches and high-load applications Marlow also manufactures D12 - a range of pre-stretche..

$4.19 per mtr Ex Tax: $3.64



For super high-load applications, including offshore winching and towing, Marlow also manufactures a..

$0.00 per mtr Ex Tax: $0.00


Marlow's Dynaline is made with high strength, light weight UHMPE (Dyneema) fibre and is designed to ..

$14.72 per mtr Ex Tax: $12.80

Dyneema rope splicing 2mm to 16mm New

Dyneema rope splicing 2mm to 16mm

Eye splices and joining splices have an extra cost for all winchline from 2mm to 16mm. This includes..

$36.80 Ex Tax: $32.00

Splicing Dyneema Rope 18mm to 40mm New

Splicing Dyneema Rope 18mm to 40mm

 Eye splicing and joining splices have a extra cost on all Dyneema rope from 18mm to 40mm. This incl..

$57.50 Ex Tax: $50.00