Industrial & Utility

Industrial & Utility

Marlow’s Industrial & Utility Ropes include products designed for cable pulling, winching, lifting, wire rope replacement, guy lines and general rigging. The range also includes traditional polyester, nylon and polypropylene ropes avialable in both twisted and braided constructions, suitable for many varied applications

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D12 78

For larger winches and high-load applications Marlow also manufactures D12 - a range of pre-stretche..

$4.19 per mtr Ex Tax: $3.64

D12 99

For larger winches and high-load applications where diameter versus break load is critical, Marlow a..

$3.22 Ex Tax: $2.80


For super high-load applications, including offshore winching and towing, Marlow also manufactures a..

$38.64 per mtr Ex Tax: $33.60

VEGA 11.7mm

   Used by: Joseph & Dave @ Sherwood Forestry Treeworks LtdUsed by: Hamish Lewis @ Forest Fella ..

$7.22 per mtr Ex Tax: $6.28